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Bathroom Resurfacing and Kitchen Resurfacing Sydney

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Let’s be honest, we all love a fresh modern bathroom and kitchen. For all your bath requirements in Sydney, come to us.

Our team would love to help you love your kitchen and bathroom again. With Apex Resurfacing Aus you can have glossy, fresh in your bathroom or kitchen with in almost no time with minimal fuss and the smallest expense. We can restore your bathroom tile  in a day, we will spray to refinish your bathroom as brand new

Apex Resurfacing Aus use premium products to give you a great-looking and long-wearing result.

Surface Repairs & Kitchen Sydney
We have resurfaced over thoudsands of bathtubs across the Sydney. You can also be one of our customers to get their bathroom properly.

We use high quality bath resurfacing and bathroom repair products that are trusted all over the world. Aligned with our expertise, we offer a service that is simply unparalleled in the Australia.

We offer resurfacing services for baths across the Sydney.

We are trained in all types of repairs. Our expert technicians are very experienced in colour matching repairs.  Our Sydney technicians are all well trained experts. We have been doing bathtub re enamelling for over 20 years.

These mean really the same thing to the common man. So when you hear such words usually it’s describing the same thing as bath re-enamelling.

Your bath or kitchen is resurfaced in a day at your house, usually it takes about 5-8 hours. You may use the bath the next day. All damage that the bathroom or kitchen is repaired as part of the resurfacing process. After the bath is resurfaced we then let it cure and do any finishing touches and polishing if needed.

You’ll be thrilled with our bathtub resurfacing services – here is why:

  • Our services are fast and convenient. You can transform your bath, basin, tiles, vanity , shower, cabinets and benchtops back to new and ready to use in just 24 hours.
  • Apex Resurfacing Aus uses premium quality refinishing products that offer the best in durability.
  • At Apex Resurfacing, we guarantee our workmanship.
  • To save you money, time and hassle we do it all on the spot. There is no expensive plumbing, no messy retiling, no council approval and no structural changes. Choose any colour tiling spray to suit your taste and to modernise your home.
  • Our service is prompt, courteous and our people leave your home tidy.
  • Virtually any hard surface can be treated. We carry out kitchen work that includes benchtops, splashbacks and cabinetry, as well as bathtub, tile, vanity, basin and shower recess treatments.
  • Chipped, scratched and worn-out surfaces will be a thing of the past.
  • Most importantly you will have a bathroom, kitchen or laundry that looks as good as new, within a fraction of the time and at much less cost compared to replacement.

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We specialise in high quality treatment of kitchens, splashbacks, benchtops, bathrooms, bathtubs, tiles, vanities, basins and even laundries across Sydney and most Sydney suburbs.
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  • I am so happy with the job. The technician was outstanding and was a perfectionist and so accommodating! I recommend him to anyone!! Thank you so much again for your services.

    Trent, Surry Hills
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